Finally holiday!

Today is my first day of end posting holiday :)) As usual it starts with a routine--> spring cleaning! Oh i love that :p Bibik is away on holiday. I choose to stay with Ummi. I mopped the floor twice, I vacuumed the rooms twice, I washed all the curtains. arrange cupboards, put on new sheets and cook! I'm so tired yet it is so satisfying. I take care of faheem on my own, oh my i havent done that for quite long! And now I'm waiting for abang to come home. Abang has to travel a bit farther than usual to go to work, but i think he won't mind. He get home cooked food after all hehe.

After doing the spring cleaning, it would be a bit unusual wouldnt it if i dont end with a garage sale? so now i do have things to give for free, and some other for sale at a real cheap price. Faheem's old things :) some are brand new huu.

I guess i'll be frequenting cooking blog these few days :p

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