Too cute for words

Oh I still take time to write, because I know that I would one day love to read back everything that i had gone through.. :)

Today is my off day after a pm shift. I actually did my on call in the oncall room, sleeping the whole night gee~ Was supposed to be in the emergency OT, but there was no case last night, what a rare occassion. In fact there were few cases which were cancelled due to various reasons- incomplete consent, multiple comorbids etc. I was also on night duty the day before, taking care of 2 wards and that was like killing me. i had 1 hour of sleep, the nurse kept calling me to inform stuff like "Dr Maryam, patient ni nak balik, dia taknak duduk atas katil", "Dr Maryam, patient jatuh katil, nak kena buat x ray ke?", "Dr, patient ni demam baru 1st spike" haissyyy I did feel like bursting, What do you expect me to do??? Stay all night with the patient so that she won't climb out of bed again??? Luckily one senior houseman was there, and she happily gave that makcik a dose of alprazolam huuu.

I came back at 12pm ++, performed my zohr prayer and slept, and slept and slept... now I do feel guilty. I actually missed my mentor's sms and replied very late, what a shame. I bought a chicky meal for my dear Ameer Faheem and spent the day with him- what a refreshing change. As for today, by hook or by crook I have to finish my first draft of my 1st CPC, and if I'm lucky, I can discuss it with Mr Shahrid tomorrow.

Everybody thought I was insane when I requested to start my training with orthopaedic posting, especially when I'm being posted in HSB. Ok, I'm gonna say something really crazy, I actually love the posting and the department, and my fellow colleagues (except for the HORRIBLE GRAND WARD ROUND T___T). Oh yeah, I'm a total insane. Beiing a first poster is not easy, you keep making mistakes after mistakes, you keep forgetting things, you need someone to check and recheck your work, but definitely I am gaining confidence insyaAllah. Working is fun, but leaving my Ameer Faheem behind is seriously hard. I really cry everytime I leave the house, it is seriously depressing. And now I'm really looking forward a holiday with abang ;p Oh how I can't wait to look at his handsome face again!

Ameer Faheem is a big bow now. His manner is definitely improving. When I say "Allah" he will continue with "Akbar" and when I say "Muhammad" he will continue with "Rasulullah" :) Guest what are his 2 favourite words now?? 1. Nak 2. lapar hahaha. I could have die out of laughing when he says "Lapar, lapar, lapar" He is too cute for words! Alhamdulillah and alhamdulillah :)


aindbest said...

hahaha..akk suke part last tu..sure sngt cute bile faheem ckp "lapa..lapa..lapa"

nhanunmr said...

Kak maryam,a question out of curiosity..You do remember all things sign&symptoms, etiology, lab investigations, pharmaco thingy? --> eventho dh lame tgl?.

Gerunnye nak start keje sb mcm byk tak ingat T.T
Oh,btw.. Rabbuna yusahhil ummu amerfaheem! :)

Ummu Ameer said...

salam. alhamdulillah boleh la ingt lagi eventho ada jugk yg rasa mcm deja vu huu. tp yg deja vuu tu benda2 yg extra la. xpe when you start working, initially memang susah sebab workng is not about being a doctor who treats diseases, but you have to handle and manage so many things. kadang2 ada jugakla rasa mcm operator telephone, mcm nurse, mcm ketua kampung nak selesaikan masalah penduduk haha. mcm2 la, your colleagues will definitely help you insyaAllah

nhanunmr said...

Wslm warahmatullah.. Ouh,jazakillah khayr kak maryam for the sharing :) kena study by heart ni. Takleh main-main dah.