people always see what you have, but they seldom see what you have done to have what you have... that is life..

To continue from where I stopped last time, I was sent to 5D barely a month after I started working. I don't want to elaborate on this matter except that few housemen are sent to this female ward, because of its nature. most of the cases are chronic, most of the patients are old, and most of them have osteoporosis, alleged fall and sustain fracture around the hip. It's something like a geriatric ward, I would say..

Initially I was very upset when Dato and my mentor told me about it. I felt like I was deprived of a chance to learn. As of today we have 5 HO working in the ward with a total of 3 patients! How pathetic does that sound? I don't really like the ward except during grand ward round when I don't have to memorize too many cases haha. Eventually I started to fell in love with the comfort zone- jadi malas plak huuu. I started working on my CPC during office hour, the first draft is currently being evaluated by my mentor, and now I'm working on my CME.

Can one really imagine that we take at most 10mins to finish the ward round, and most of the time we are left with nothing to do after the round! Semua pun tunggu operation date haihhhh. Usually I come down to join my mentor's clinic, and I decided to come on my off days to join my mentor's operations. Huuu, this is so pathetic. And currently I still hate the grand round (the case memrorizing part), but I love the round for its teachings..

Know what, I don't feel much different if I were to compare between my medical student days and my ho life...

The BEST part of the day is when I arrive home every evening, my Ameer Faheem never fails to run to the door, reached out his hands, mintak dukung :D that is the seriously the best part. And I'm waiting for the best of the best part- when I can come home to a romantic husband :D Abang will finish his exam in 3 days time insyaAllah, hope all will be well, and he can come back home ASAP! I defnitely miss abang, such that no word can describe it....

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