It's human to err

Tagline for the day: It's human to err.. Don't passionately speak about other people's wrongdoing because you just can't guarantee that one day you might accidentally do the same thing.. I told ya, it's human to err..

It absolutely puzzles me how time flies... Abang has finished his exam today... err today?? that's so unbelievable. I want to be with abang abang and abang. Initially I thought of going to Jordan for his convocation but I guess that's not what Allah has planned for us. There goes our london ticket and london holiday down the drain tsk tsk tsk T_T

It's my off day today, and I have never taken a proper off except for 1 day since my 1st day of working. I am contemplating between manning the clinic and bringing Ameer Faheem to his music class. Haisyyy that is the problem with me, I can't stop working. Hardworking? No as I don't really feel like I'm depositing any effort. Workaholic? Maybe. Passion? Yup. Ambitious? Undeniable! Oh maybe I should spend some time at Kakak's , forcing her lazy printer do some work. Been trying to compile the mrcp mcqs given to me in a softcopy form.

Today is Day 50 of my ortholife. Ok so the aim for today is to finish my CPC 1 and 2 and the first draft of CME. Gambatte! Day 50 of my working days and I've started to stress myself with the upcoming MRCP exam in 10 months time (that is the earliest possible date to be qualified). I don't feel stress but I can't stop the engine that's driving me like a manic. Something must be perilously wrong with me! Oh now I really miss Elmizah who would surely makes me feel very normal beside her 'manic' hardworking personality ;p I want to stay in HSB as  an MO, and it is not going to be easy to compete for the place. But if I am being offered a place to do Ortho in HSB, I might take it. Let me think, can I imagine myself as an ortho surgeon?. Huuu horrible, just hope I won't be regretting it my whole life...

If any medical student is wondering how different a working life would be, let me share. When I was a student, I went to the hospital at 6.45, came home at 6pm, I slept and then I woke up in the middle of the night to study. I type my notes, I do my slides for seminar, I finish my case write ups, I did on calls. Now I go out at 4-5am (you can always come at 6.30 but I like to be early and get many things done), come home at 7pm, I still wake up in the middle of the night to study, I type my own notes, I do slides for seminar, I finish my case write up, I still answer mcqs, I do on calls and sleep like a nomad. More or less the same, except that you get to scrub in doing OT, you get your own chair in the clinic and attend patients (rather than standing around daydreaming), you walk into the ward greeted by works to be done (rather than walking to and fro aimlessly roaming the hospital), you have a punch card and an ID that gives you access to many places haha, Please don't ever forget that when you are a houseman, and please don't ever forget that a houseman is a trainee. Grab the chance to learn!

Btw we had a mentoring family dinner last night at Subak. Was fun, everybody was there except for Nash. Will try to upload some pics later if only I can grab 'em from Aida ;)

enough rambling, work gotta be done :) 


Umm 'Umar said...

whoah rugi nya maryam, tiket tu burn ke. bagi ana je lah, biar ANA yang tolong pergi kan ke london hahaha. naughty mommy. sorry, im just joking! miss you!

Belle said...

salam kak maryam,
nak tanya ttg sistem shift tu, diorang dah start dh ke belum?
or did u really sleep about 4hours a day, everyday?

u made housemanship sound so simple.
i guess i lack your motivation.

Anonymous said...

Am waiting for your new entry :) Sb they inspired me alhamdulillah~