Went to the ward at 6am today, just to cover my patients for the round with Dr Raja Arif. Became so sleepy and irritable. It was hot in the ward and I felt like stripping off the whitecoat and throwing it into the dustbin, for good huu. The heat intolerance become so intense, that I have to sit in the surau everyday single day, only returning to my room at 12am. P/s abang please take note, I weigh 54kg today! sama berat ngan abang :p Had a long afternoon-to-evening-to-maghrib nap today, and dreamt of weird things! First I dreamt that I was in the high risk labor room, watching a lecture hall-sized slide, showing how a mento-anterior and mento-posterior face presentation baby will be delivered. Someone kept repeating "kalau mento-posteriro the head has to be hyperextended. Susah" That was exactly what dr raja said during the round huu. And on the slide I viewed the pic that he drew during the round. Well, he admitted that his pic was not good, and I had to heartily agree haha.
Then a nurse asked me what are the signs of fetal distress. A colleague said tachycardia. And she irritatingly and repeatedly said "No, tachycardia is late. Before that? What is before that?" In the dream I repeatedly recited the sequence which Dr Azha said during our long case yesterday, deceleration-no acceleration-reduce in bit to bit variability,tachycardia and finally bradycardia. Then niza kept calling me to ask which restaurant do we want to book for dinner haha. Man, that was all in a dream. I'm so haunted with the medic life huu. I did some complaining to abang, and slept. I woke up late for my maghrib prayer yet felt very fresh. Took my bath, performed my prayer, ordered my dinner, and currently staying in the surau to start my night Alhamdulillah :)

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