I decided to do on call today, hoping for few emergency D&C or laparascopic surgery huu, really I'm getting desperate. Alas, I lose to my own lack of motivation and dozedoff :p

Never mind, I am finally going back!!!! Have already bought the bus ticket, monday will be public holiday, and currently considering to take tuesday off as well haha. Pemalas tak??

Exam insyaAllah will be on the 1st November, obviously I am (as susual) barely half-way done, I'm so pathetic. Can I just make a break-away from all these for a while? P/s: and give myself some leisure time to miss the husband? No way! I'll cry gallons.

The news is, I've lost 0.5kg for the past 1 month! and yet baby is growing alhamdulillah. What's the point of learning to palpate others' uterus if you can't palpate and monitor your very own right? hehe. If anybody is wondering what I would like to have for my coming birthday, then it'd be a CTG (cardiotocograph). Sometimes I get anxious when I can't feel his movement :p The happy news is, we have chosen a name for our little one :DDD and yes, it will be Ameer. But I'll give the honour to abang to announce it later, after his birth insyaAllah. We don't just call him ameer because.. okay okay I admit, I made a list of names for our kidS haha. abang lebih2 plak suruh buat a complete list for 7 children! uiks, abg nak ngandung ke?? heh heh. so we decided that the name Ameer will be given to all of our boys insyaAllah. kotla ada rezqi lagi... :) Ameer means a leader, a prince. I started using the kun-yah Ummu Ameer some 6 years ago, when Ust Maszlee said there's no harm in calling each other with kun-yah, it's a form of prayer. That's what I keep praying for, that 1 day I'll become a wife to a good man, that one day I'll become a mum to a son whom I'd call Ameer. And I've never expected that everything will be answered this fast, Subhanallah Allahuakbar walillahilhamd! Alhamdulillah for all His bounties... and may I remain being a grateful 'abd despite the ni'mah bestowed upon us... and may Ummu Baihaqi will get Baihaqi soon insyaAllah :D Haisy semakin tak sabar tunggu for the moment Ameer sees the world... I'm 6 months pregnant. People say "Cepatnya!!!" I say "adoi, lamanya...3 more months to go!" But still, it feels like yesterday when abang and me anxiously did UPT after UPT, it feels like yesterday when we patiently counted "Baby turns 6 weeks today", and he is now 6 months old.. Alhamdulillah .

I think almost every night I dream of giving birth huu. Witnessing deliveries is really distressing you know, it scares you. It is such an ugly, painful and dirty process but once the baby comes out, everything becomes wonderful. The embarassing dorsal or lithotomy position, the nauseating amniotic fluid smell, the messy show, the ketotic breath, the stool that comes out with the baby, the prominent facial veins upon straining, the cries in agony.... but once you see the baby in the mother's arms, you simply forget the whole process, and before your eyes is the most amazing scene you can ever lay your eyes upon.. That is how wonderful sunnatullah is :)

Maybe I should stop rambling now and attend to some real business...

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