Piccies snapped by the dad :D

Hasiy baru nak bersedih sedih, rasa nak tergelak pulak tengok gambar budak sorang ni, amoi da pandai gelak besar!!!! an extremely cheeky face expression as if there's a handful of tricks in her pocket. Dude safiyya, I'm so missing her!!!
Aliaa: anda memang pembaca tegar haha :p
Me: Presented my part in the Gynae Emergency seminar today. 1 more month to go before i sit for the exam, i am deprived of CPs (what a boring statement) huu. Checked that I am eligible to gain 18kg in this pregnancy, due to my pre-pregnancy weight of 44kg :p Relieved. Missing my significant other like mad. Abang, enjoy your posting :D and gudluck for the around-the-corner exam. And do pray hard for me and baby :)


aliaa said...

haha tegar ke? its been months since you last wrote kn=)

Mommy and baby need some breaks perhaps

ikanez said...

safiyya mmg suka menggembirakan hati para peminatnya.

Ummu Ameer said...

oopps safiyya dah join the entertainment industry with the dad becoming the self-appointed manager-cum-promoter?? yikes hehe