Post Call Off

Believe it or not, for the past 2 months i have been working continuously with only post call off to allow me to catch my breath. The saying 'nothing comes easy' is very true indeed. Skills and knowledge dont come easy. Confidence and resilience dont come easy as well. There are times when I can run care-free, there are times when I have to crawl in pain, but 1 thing I always remind myself of....don't come to a halt! The journey is something that has to be traversed no matter what.

When I was in the previous posting, this time around, the so called mid-posting period, we went to Sabah. That was 4 months ago. The need to be on the loose resurface. Another breakway would be very helpful to maintain sanity I guess. But somehow reality doesnt really entertain one's need. And I have no choice but to charge straight ahead in a combat with self. SELF.

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