P/S Abang I love you!

Sometimes you just have to pick yourself up and carry on!

I was scrolling through my facebook profile page when I came across a pic of an orange carrying its own self... with those wordings.

Oh i've forgotten about that, but what a much-needed reminder.

It's true, sometimes you are not even laid with any choice but to force yourself and just move on..

I've gone through few adaptive phases which at times really drain me out. First it was the marriage-during-studying period. I've gone through that, yeah I've gone through that.. alhamdulillah

Then it was the ' oversea housewife' period- I actually asked abang every single day for permission to go back to Malaysia

Was followed by single-and -independent career woman period, when abang was busy for his final exam, I  came back with Faheem, and I was busy adapting as a houseman. Working is not as tiring as being a housewife, trust me!

Then abang came back, when my depression level was at the peak. Simply because I had to be a superwoman, struggling to juggle between career and family.

When abang started working, I experienced paroxysmal stress haha, because abang is no more my abang who is always available to bring me shopping, going for holidays, available 24 hours to treat me like a princess.

But human always adapt I guess, and they learn as they traverse life. I learn that life is not always a bed of roses, in fact it is a sea of lavenders! Beautiful in its own way. When I see abang coming home everyday feeling very tired, I love abang more and more! A husband- wonderful and responsible as always.....

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