Approximately 1 month more..


I definitely miss rambling! It used to be my full time job ahaha. I have approximately 1 month more to go to finsih Paeds posting. How's paeds? I am infinitely sure once i'm gone from paeds, i'm gone for eternity. Haihh paeds is expectedly disappointing as always. And it's true that I've tried so hard to walk around as a paeds houseman at least with a plastered smile, but hey i definitely can't lie to the world. I hate paeds, and i hate paeds.

What is it with paeds? cool colleagues, SUPER NICE MOs (i'm not kidding), no miserable grand round every monday (unlike Ortho), benign HOD, rarely get scoldings BUT absolutely you get SCREAMING BABIES. I am not exaggerating when i say, at times i feel like stuffing a sock into their mouth especially when i am on pm shift and i have an endless list of blood to be taken so early in the morning. Haihh. *sigh*

Things was bad enough in the general ward during the early period of my posting with very few houseman, but things got worse when I entered NICU. When you have to screen like 50 babies in a day alone, things can be very unbearable especially when they refuse to open their eyes for fundoscopy, or they cry their heart out just when you desperately need to listen to the lung and heart. I'm sure I sound so pathetic T_T

I can go on and on complaining, but the reality is I still have to walk to Paeds Dept tomorrow, and the next day, and the next day T_T

Rasa macam kawan2 yang sama2 mengandung and lahirkan baby dulu, semua dah dpt 2nd baby.. Abang, kita bila lagi? hehe. The other day I said to abang I feel like getting pregnant again because I want a long holiday (maternity leave) ngeee~, abang kata tak aci langsung reason tu. 

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