I've always considered myself as a professional 'chess' player, arranging my knights and armies to fulfill a pre-planned strategies while deciding when and where will the pawns actually become sacrifices as the troop advances. I have always have a plan well laid in the back of my mind, guiding me where to place the next step as I march on. And of course I am a person who always believe that the best plan of all plans belongs to Allah, and He has the final say.

It is an event of rarity where in the past months, I am at a severe loss as where to head to in life. I probably have arrived at a junction which I have been anticipating from time well stretched from the past, a junction where I can't see the fate over yonder, a junction which leaves me in an utterness of indecision.

It's Ramadhan again, and I'm still trying to figure out the best way of manipulating it. Probably this is the Ramadhan which brings with it the heaviest gravity of emotion..

And when 2 roads diverge, I just don't know which one to traverse..

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nhanunmr said...

kak maryam, Allah yusahhil!