To just keep quiet and hug tight

I have so many things to write about. First about Asma's wedding. I have written an article on it but as the pics are still not available, I'll post it later. Second, about the convocation last saturday (but as it was dead boring, I guess I just have to skip writing about it). Next is about Big Bad Wolf (which I can't help but to write about it), but I haven't transferred the piccies from the camera, so it has to wait as well. Finally rambling is the easiest. So I guess i'll be happy with it for now :)

This morning Ameer Faheem self-servicely took his tonic which was Drapolene. Oh if you happen not to know what a Drapolene is, it is a pink cream for diaper rash! Yeah every single day morning is such an event for the two of us, but somehow there is always something to make each day stand out significantly from the others huu.

The day started out happily with great learning activities. I let him read a book entitled One Mole Digging a Hole, all the while ignoring his attempt to eat the book. (Well I'm kind of frustrated with the chronic mouthing period. Oh how I hope it will stop soon. He simply eats anything including slippers, rubbish etc). Then I played the video "Ten Little Numbers". He was so happy that he started to dance and..... finally fell on the floor. Then I started showing him flashcards of alif ba ta which stopped at the letter zai as he was uninterested. Then I gave him his breakfast and his second bottle of milk for the day. Then he slept for about 10 minutes before waking up again (that is too normal for him). Then I changed his diapers and let him play with the Drapolene (with the lid tight) before I ran to the kitchen to check on my cooking (maggi je huhu). No more than 5 minutes later, he cried. I ran to him and presto, the drapolene was on the floor, around his mouth, and some managed to go in huuu. It was just like icing. I was so shock that I practically swept him off the floor and washed his mouth. I called abang (who was doing his elective in Paediatrics ward, and asked him to ask his Dr what to do. Alhamdulillah Drapolene doesn't seem to be that nasty, and all that is need is symptomatic treatment...

I thought that was a warning for him, that enough is enough for the day but instead he became more hyperactive, forcing me to shout at one thing after another huuu. He played in the toilet, then take things off the rack one by one starting with a nailcipper, ridsect, shoe brush etc. I took the thing from him one by one, and the next thing i realized he was trying to eat an envelope. After being forbidden to do so, he went to a cupboard and open and close drawers. Phewwww. I immediately brought him out of the room, realizing that my patient was thinning fast :( He went to the kitchen, turned off the stove fire and tried to play around with gas before moving on to banging pots and pans. I transferred him to the living room hoping for a more serene condition but next thing I knew he was in the toilet. I took my phone, smsed abang, and sat down to cry. Man I was tired.

That is how my usual day goes. Luckily abang is still a student, who can luxuriously come home (for the day) at noon to help me out. Alhamdulillah.

But the thing that I want to share is kids are like that. Some are perhaps milder, some are worse. After all he is just a kid. My house is not a kid-friendly kid-safe house. Self explained by the age of the youngest among us is now 19 years old. Sometimes I do miss our house in Jordan where I can let Ameer Faheem explore his own world without having me to ban him from doing almost everything. Here, we put rubbish bin everywhere, giving him chances to *uhuks* empty them anytime. We have stairs practically in between every rooms! Oh I think abah loves a house with many levels, and windows! I am tired watching him climbing up stairs. Ameer Faheem even climbed upstair to the second storey once. I almost got a heart attack. Ummi put flowers everywhere, and for sure Ameer Faheem understood it as he is invited to pick them up. And due to all those, accidents happen like a train. one after another.

A child wants to learn, attention, love and EXPLORE. Sometimes I am mad at myself for not giving Ameer Faheem the things he needs to grow. I am not a mum-angel who can always smile
despite what he does. I sometimes get mad, I raise my voice, I shout, I cry, I pray and I advice. If what he does do cross certain limits, (such as bullying safiyya), I act stern using the words Allah marah, neraka and syurga. He is a 9 month old kid who doesn't understand but if he is not being taught he will never understand.

Oh how i hope Allah will guide me to bring up this amanah. Ameer Faheem is indeed an amanah. An amanah that is so precious that most of the time he makes us smile, and he makes us feel warm inside, and I can tell, we kiss him for more than hundreds of times per day haha, probably thousands!

But sometimes what I am best at is to just keep quiet and hug him tight..


Ainul Arina Madhiah said...

erk.. mak ai..saya yang membaca pun tetiba terasa penat ya amat.. huhu..

selamat sabar ye akak. semoga diganjari pahala yang beribu-ribu sebab sabar jaga faheem...

p/s: tetiba terfikir adakah saya dulu seaktif itu dan macam manalah mak saya dulu ye. hehe

'Atiqah said...

sambil baca, sambil terbayang2 aksi faheem waktu kita jumpa dulu..mak aih, penaaaat!! =p agknya btl maryam ckp, 'kenan' maryam aktif waktu final year dulu =p btw, moga lbh sabar.doakan tkah gk.damia' makin cerdik ni.. =)

Ummu Ameer said...

ainul, silalah mengaku ye yg anda pun nakal hehe.

tkah, semalam maryam mimpi Damia dapat adik lelaki! hehehe

Farah said...

Kak Maryam, betullah ada anak yg baya2 ni memang tak boleh duduk diam kita. Rumah kena kid friendly all the time. Emaknya berangan besar nak hias itu hias ini, letak itu, letak ini, tapi anaknya kita letak dia tarik, kita pasang langsir dia gulung badan dlm tu, sudahnya rumah tak berkemas, para emak-emak bertukar jadi tarzan.Tapi anak buah saya, girl, masa sebaya dengan dia dulu tak gitu. How about Safiyya? Agaknya girl lain sikit kot, which allow girl's mum to decorate house sepuas2 hati.

Ummu Ameer said...

alahai safiyya sopan santun gitu anak dara tu. asyik kena buli dengan faheem je, tapi dia bersabar huu tak melawan pun..

Ummu Ameer said...

sila teruskan berangan je la ye farah hehe. akak pun camtu. lagi kosong rumah tu lagi tenang. langsir pun kena buat senteng2 je, almaklumlah nanti faheem ingat kita suruh dia main swing plak dengan langsir tu haih. sabar jelah dengan anak teruna comel sorang nih :p

'Atiqah said...

slm.maryam.tkah br bc la komen ni. first thing yg datang dlm kepala,'fuhhhh, ameeeeen ^____^'.take care!