After 2 days of hol, finally i have to work today.. PM shift. I always feel empty and lost whenever abang is not around. Oh he has just left for work huu. And i will just sleep and sleep and become successfully non productive :( How i hope one day we can open our own clinic where abang and me can have our own consultation rooms. Then i can go to work with him and go back with him, how awesome :p

When i was about to finished my housemanship, abang 'prepared' me for independence. He brought me for handphone shopping, he repaired his motorcycle etc. You see for the past 4 months i dont have my own phone, i don't drive because i was in the same rotation with abang and i just couldnt be bothered with all those gadgets when abang was always by my side. When i first got my own phone after months, i felt sad. And i had to drive to work alone. I went shopping alone, life is not that wonderful anymore..

Oh how i miss abang..

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