Moving on..

Moving on to a new phase of life.. and preparing myself to bid farewell to housemanship. I bet I will never miss that one, just as how I have never missed my schooling days or university life or whatever that I have left behind..

Whatever that I have gone through, are the things that make me into the present human, but to walk back the paths that I have long left is a definite no no insyaAllah :)

Finishing housemanship means, one have more touch with reality. I am now more concerned of the SKT (Performance Evaluation) which I have totally abandoned during my exhausting housemanship days I am concerned of the static monthly salary just because I have never submitted the SKT haha. I start to plan for Ameer Faheem's education and daily fulfilling activities; which I never before had the chance to do so. I start choosing book for his bedtime stories and feeling determined to eradicate all the indonesian slang and words in no time. I start packing to move out to a new place (although it might be end of this year), a thing that I have always enjoyed in the past (packing!). I managed to peek into the cartons of teasets and dinnerware which I have collected for the past 2 years. I am familiarizing myself to the concept of locum and introducing myself to GPs haha. Abang and me have a sketch book now where we sketch the plan of our dream house everyday, despite not knowing when it will turn into a reality.

Hello better life :) InsyaAllah..

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